Honest John's Wall of Fame


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Wow - Bill lands a monster bass recently.  First awesome bass of the season caught on nightcrawlers in the channel. .  The bass were trembling when these anglers showed up!     Nicole shows her Dad, Uncle Joe and Grandpa Bill how to catch the big walleye!     Nice stringer of crappies, largemouth bass and walleye from the Spring Lake Channels.    Bill with a half cooler full of fat bluegills and crappies.    Gerry  with a huge Walleye caught on a nightcrawler.


FLOOD 2013


Denise, Jenny and Donna show off one of their largemouth bass caught from shore.  Joe proudly displays a 38 inch muskie from Bluff Lake. (Released)   Ricky holds up his awesome bass - caught from our shore by the bridge on a leech! Burt and Jeff celebrate with an awesome catfish catch.    Another nice stringer of cats from the Spring Lake channel. 


  Anthony and Ron are the bass masters!  Great day in the Spring Lake channels.    Steve with a huge cat and cooler full of bluegills.   Tony holds up his 18 inch smallmouth bass caught from our shore!  Jay explores his new tackle box.  He was one of the winners from the Kid's Fishing Raffle held over IL Free Fishing Days.   Madison with a beautiful bass caught by the bridge near Spring Lake.


The walleyes are good eatin' and BIG!    Gary helps Karley hold up her 1st bass.    One of several catfish caught this week.    Glen shows off huge crappies.    Matthew & Zachary with quite a stringer of bluegills.


Keith and Terry haul in an awesome Northern Pike from Bluff Lake! Two nice walleye and two nice bass from Bluff Lake. Way to go Susan - 18 inch walleye from the shore. Mike brings in another gorgeous fish - this time a 4 lb. smalllmouth - released. Ken shows off his 32 1/2 inch northern caught from shore by the bridge.  Boy Scout Troop 337 enjoying a hot day on the Chain.


Country Thunder is over and some of the entertainers wanted to relax and do some fishing.  Some of the Kenny Chesney Band (minus Kenny) and production crew stopped to say "Hi" before heading out on the Chain.